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Avalon allows analysts to visualize threats, collaborate in real-time, and more easily manage threat data.

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Centralize and Enrich Data

Save time by pulling all of your data into a central workspace so investigations can be conducted more efficiently in one location. Enrich your threat data with unique Avalon and exclusive third party data sources.

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Visualize Threats

Cut through the noise quickly using Avalon's intuitive interactive threat maps. Easily create robust yet easy to understand visual reports of any investigation.

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Preserve Investigations

Revisit past threat intelligence and use the results of previously completed investigations to enrich the data of new investigations. Never again worry about losing investigative intelligence when teams change personnel or a file is deleted, overwritten, or lost.

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Collaborate in Real Time

Break down barriers to information sharing with Avalon's secure approach to collaboration. Create trusted groups within your organization and with partners across the the cybersecurity industry to collaboratively investigate threats in real time using Avalon's interactive, visual workspace.

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Automated Analysis

Automate repetitive processes to complete hours of manual threat analysis work in seconds.

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Partners and Avalon - A Perfect Union

Our partner community was developed to bring our customers more value and make working with us even easier.

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